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Certified Cities
The IGMC Certified Cities are the internationally recognized list of cities that are certified in accordance with the IGMC rating system.
The data for all cities listed has been independently verified and deemed to be in conformity with IGMC standards 3.0. All cities showed here have provided third-party verified data to the IGMC system allowing for city-to-city comparisons, cutting-edge visualizations and customized trend analysis.
All the following cities have passed the IGMC certification, of which the certification remains valid for three years as from the date when the certification was passed. 

Certification Number City Country Certification Year Certification Level
IGMC2018-001 Dongguan Qingxi Town China 2018 Pre-certification
IGMC2018-002 Jiang shan China 2018 Pre-certification
IGMC2018-003 Wuyi County China 2018 Pre-certification
IGMC2018-004 Chun'an County China 2018 Pre-certification
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