Country Garden

As a large group enterprise listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange's Main Board (Stock Code: 2007), Country Garden ranks among “The World's 500 Largest Public Companies” as per Forbes. Country Garden is not just a developer and operator of residential communities, but also constructs and operates green, ecological and smart cities. In 2016, Country Garden's residential property sales exceeded USD43 billion, covered approximately 37.47 million square meters, and ranked among top three real estate enterprises globally.

Country Garden has consistently tried to promote residential civilization. Leveraging a craftsman's professional spirit, and utilizing scientific planning and human-centric design, it aims to build good and affordable housing for the whole world. Such housing typically features complete community public facilities, beautiful landscape design, and safe and comfortable residential environment. Country Garden has developed more than 700 residential, commercial and urban construction projects globally, and offers its services to more than 3 million property owners.

Country Garden has made steady and strong efforts to promote urban civilization. Country Garden is highly popular in China, but is also gaining a strong position globally, as it is the developer for the 2,000 hectare Forest City in Malaysia's Iskandar Development Region, lying adjacent to Singapore. This is going to be a city with a substantial focus on sustainable development, integrating business, finance, tourism, culture and entertainment. It sets a precedent for construction of a green, ecological and smart city, and serves as a good example for future cities. It won the "Global Human Settlement Planning and Design" award at the United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development, and was invited to attend the United Nations Climate Conference. With Forest City’s development and operation model as the standard, Country Garden is also implementing community construction practices and concepts in Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.

Country Garden has consistently pursued promotion of global commercial civilization, and has focused on keeping pace with excellent enterprises around the world. It has worked with elites and talents globally; and there are over 400 doctorate degree holders working at Country Garden, who are on the path to become “Future Leaders”. Since its establishment, Country Garden has donated more than USD400 million to social causes. All Country Garden employees try to treat people and society right!

We are Country Garden, and we consistently work towards the progress of human society.

Country Garden wishes to make the world we live in a better place!

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