Assessment Guide

Introduction to the Assessment System

IGMC Assessment system (hereinafter referred to as the "Assessment System" ) is calibrated according to the recommendations of UN Habitat, UNEP, the World Bank and GEF and the best practices from around the world. In general, the indicators, benchmarks, and distribution of points are to reflect a general consensus among international organizations, academics and practitioners on the aspects of urban planning, design and policy, to be relevant to a wide range of urban development projects in different contexts and to be based on the information that can be readily obtained, used and easy to verify independently.

The IGMC Assessment system consists of a total of 320 points, covering the six major dimensions. There are currently the city and community versions. Of them, the city version is targeted for cities (districts and towns), industrial parks and large-scale development and urban renewal projects, including the 18 categories and 112 indicators while the community version is for communities, neighborhoods, new city/ town development and urban renewal projects, including the 16 categories and 109 indicators.

The entry data online in the IGMC Assessment system can be used to assess and diagnose the existing cities/ communities and those projects at the planning design stage, and to compare with their peers for avoiding risks and improving investment efficiency, which has a positive role in providing scientific guidance for the planning, construction and management of sustainable cities/ communities.

The IGMC Assessment system can be used for online self-assessment and is also a key step to apply for the IGMC certification. After the relevant data are reviewed and verified, the total points allow relevant cities/communities to gain corresponding IGMC status as follows:

Score Title of honour Grade
≥280 The Greenest Model City/Community& New Town Greenest
≥245 The Greener Model City/Community& New Town Greener
≥210 The Green Model City/Community& New Town Green

Users are responsible for the authenticity of the rating data submitted by them. Unverified data can be limited to user’s self-assessment and reference but can not be used to gain any IGMC rating title, so users are expected to apply IGMC certification as earlier as possible.
GFHS takes charge of relevant verification and certification. For details, see the "Certification Guide".

Assessment Process

City /Community&New Town Comparison

(1) After the assessment of a city/community is completed by a user, the system will automatically send the four cities /communities with the points closest to the city/community for a comparison with the city/community.
(2) After completing the assessment of a city/community, the user can click the "+" button in the upper right corner of the current page to select those cities/communities passing the IGMC certification for a comparison with the city/community.
(3) By clicking the column of "city/community comparison" , the user can freely choose any two cities/communities passed the IGMC certification for a comparison.

Download Assessment Results

After completing the assessment of a city/community, the user can click the button of "Download Assessment results" to obtain the entry data and relevant points.

Assessment Fee

At present, the charging standard of the assessment system is:

Ordinary Members:
Free of charge
VIP Members:
Free of charge

Assessment Data Storage

After the assessment is completed, the relevant data will be automatically saved in the personal Center”My IGMC”, to which the user can have access.

Please note that this assessment system can only save the last data. Each assessment will automatically replace the data of last assessment. Therefore, it is recommended that the user better timely export the entry data for storage at the end of each assessment.

Assessment Report

After completing the assessment, the user can click the button "Get Assessment Report" and pay the relevant fees before getting a assessment analysis report issued by the IGMC Expert Committee.

Charging standard: $100 per time for ordinary members (free of charges for VIP members) in the case of "Preliminary Assessment Report"; "Advanced Assesment Report" may be charged at actual costs, which should be confirmed through comprehensive consideration of IGMC experts.

Expert Consultation

After completing the assessment, the user can click the "Expert Consultation" button to consult IGMC experts on related problems.

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding the assessment, please contact us in the following ways:

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The Global Forum on Human Settlements (GFHS) has the copyright and final interpretation of this assessment system.