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Advisory committee

Advisory Committee of International Green Model City (IGMC) is mainly composed of IGMC initiative VIP members and partners, international organization officials and well-known experts, of which the primary responsibility is to provide guidance and advice on IGMC initiative development plans and strategies.

  • Arab Hoballah

    Senior Sustainability Expert, Former Chief, Sustainable Lifestyles, Cities and IndustryBranch, UNEP

  • Yang Shen

    Former Vice Minister of China Construction Ministry, Honorary Chairman, China Real Estate Chamber of Commerce of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce

  • Wang Yangzu

    Researcher, Former Deputy Director of State Environmental Protection Administration

  • Hao Shengkun

    Vice Director of China Association of Social Workers, Former Vice Director of Office of China Construction Ministry

  • Andrea Reimer

    Councillor | Chair, Standing Committee on Policy and Strategic Priorities of Vancouver

  • Peter Kurz

    Mayor of Mannheim City, Germany

  • Marcelo Cabrera

    Mayor, City of Cuenca, Ecuador

  • Chu Luk Chun Cecilia

    Board Director of Mission Hills Group

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