Certification Guide

Introduction of Certification

The International Green Model City certification (hereinafter referred to as "IGMC certification") is to put the "IGMC Standards 3.0" as a basis and the IGMC rating system as the core, fully embodying the six key principles of "Safety, Sustainability, Equity, Identity, Prosperity and Happiness". It can systematically measure the overall performance of sustainable cities or communities, improve their planning, construction and management level, facilitate mutual comparison and constantly improve the performance. It also provides scientific methods and tools for the implementation of "2030 Sustainability Agenda", "Paris Climate Agreement" and the "New Urban Agenda" at regional and local levels.

Shenzhen International Green Model City Investment and Management Co.,Ltd is responsible to provide certification consultation, and organize third-party experts to validate and review as well as assess and analyze the data and information submitted by cities or communities. According to the final points, GFHS shall grant the authenticated cities/communities corresponding IGMC status and issue relevant plaques and certificates.

In order to complete the International Green Model City Certification application process, You must submit extensive information related to the Project, including without limitation, any information related to You or Your Project. The information contained within the Application(s) and any additional information or data provided to Shenzhen International Green Model City Investment and Management Co.,Ltd in connection with the Project (collectively, “Project Information”).You grant GFHS and Shenzhen International Green Model City Investment and Management Co., Ltd the right to use, reproduce, publish, create derivative works from,perform and display such Project Information.

The IGMC rating system consists of a total of 320 points. There are currently the city version and community version, of them, the city version is targeted for cities (districts and towns), industrial parks and large-scale development and urban renewal projects, including the 18 categories and 112 indicators while the community version is for communities, neighborhoods, new city/ town development and urban renewal projects, including the 16 categories and 109 indicators. The total points allow relevant cities/communities to gain corresponding IGMC status as follows:

Score Title of honour Grade
≥280 The Most Green Model City/Community Greenest
≥245 The Greener Model City/Community Greener
≥210 The Green Model City/Community Green

Certification Procedure

Certification information modification and progress inquiries

The certification information of a user is stored in the personal center”My IGMC” column, where the user can find the sub-column "Certification Status" to appropriately modify the data or query the progress of certification. Please note that the certification information can be modified at the "Information Submission" phase (i.e. before payment) but it can not be modified once it has entered the "Verification and Audit" phase (i.e. after payment).

Verification and Review

The certification information submitted by a user (including assessment data) will be subject to the verification of internationally leading third-party experts and the final review of GFHS. Unverified information is deemed false and therefore the user is required to resubmit the data.

Certification Fee

Great differences in the actual situations of cities/communities applying for certification such as local background, scale, development level, system and custom, lead to various difficulty and costs of verification and audit. Therefore, the exact certification fee may be quoted according to actual costs and then collected offline.

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