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Chu Luk Chun Cecilia

Members, Advisory committee

Board Director of Mission Hills Group

Mission Hills is the “world largest golf complex” accredited by Guinness World Records that is more than just the largest golf club in the world, also a platform for international businesses and cultural exchanges. Since its founding in 1992, we have evolved into a fully-integrated resort, incorporating sporting tournaments, wellness and conference facilities, business and entertainment amenities and residential properties in Shenzhen, Dongguan, and Haikou. Our group has placed great importance on enterprise development to cooperate with local communities and protect our living environment. “Low Carbon, Environmental and Ecology” are the major areas for our sustainable development strategy; we detailed our sustainable measures in eighteen aspects, and carry out continuous improvement.

Mission Hills China is committed to making significant contributions to our environment. We have put in place various programs to reduce carbon, energy, and water consumption and waste generation across our golf courses, clubs and hotels. We also incorporate ecological considerations into the design, construction and operation of our facilities. We understand the importance of environmental protection and attempt every possible way to minimize our environmental impacts.