Wuyi County has a history of 1700 years.Characterized with beautiful mountains, clean water and good ecological environment, it’s a rare tourism and health resort that attracts a large number of tourists every year. As a health preservation resort, the place of hot springs in China, and a demonstration county of the national ecotourism, it has the ecological, green, health and health preservation concepts in line with the brand of "Global Green City". The success of creating a "Global Green City" here is not only a full affirmation of Wuyi's adherence to the green development, but is also a tremendous increase in the brand of "Famous Place of Hot Springs and Health Preservation Resort of Wuyi". There are the three major experiences of Wuyi in implementing the green development, as follows:

1. Adhere to the joint development of both landscapes and the county, to make it a good place of living and tourism

In recent years, with the goal of "creating the most beautiful hot spring city as a good place of living and tourism", Wuyi has continuously improved the living environment in both the urban and rural areas and has taken the lead in many environmental indicators such as atmosphere, water body, noise and forest cover, thus becoming a "Green Island" at the center of Zhejiang Province.

Adhere to the idea of planning first. It has made some urban designs for key blocks and comprehensive transport plans such as the "Sanshan Sanshui", Ancient County of Wuyi and Beiling New District, laid out the relations between the county and townships, and between towns and countryside in a scientific manner, so as to achieve the full coverage of urban planning, small town planning and rural planning.

Become a scenic county. According to the relevant plan, we have sped up the transformation of urban villages and old communities, optimized the urban road network, built Hunshan Ecological Park and Shuixi Wetland Park, and created Zhejiang's first recreational greenway, brightened the night scenes consisting of hills, waters, towns and bridges. Therefore, it’s awarded the honorary title of a Garden City in Zhejiang Province.

Make the countryside beautiful. Wuyi has taken the lead in making the whole county a large scenic area in Zhejiang, which plays the advantages of many ancient villages by developing the county as a "big garden" and the villages as a scenic area, so as to achieve the goal of integrating scenery with the country, and scenery with villages as a good place of living and tourism.

2. Adhere to industrial integration and achieve green transformation

In terms of industrial layout, our county develops its industry in the north, its tourism in the middle part, and its agriculture in the south, and continuously improves the income level of its residents through the integration and interaction of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries.

Promote the industry-city integration. Construct Wuyi Science and Technology Town, PK Competing Town, Hot Springs Town and other industrial platforms, promote the industrial transformation to modernization, and become one of the top 100 counties in economic competitiveness, one of the top 100 counties in e-commerce in China and one of the top 20 counties in potential investment value in Zhejiang Province.

Develop the hot spring tourism. Make full use of the advantages of hot springs, vigorously develop the tourism economy, successfully hold the Eleventh "China Wuyi Hot Spring Festival", the Asian and International Hot Springs Town Summit, and win the honorary title of being one of China's most influential tourist destinations.

Develop the organic agriculture. Vigorously develop the breeding of improved varieties, ecological planting, standardized production, and branded sales; ranks first in China in terms of the area of certified organic tea plantations, and has been the home of organic tea in China, the base of Chinese organic traditional herbs, the hometown of Chinese famous tea and one of the top 10 counties with pollution-free honey pears.

3. Adhere to the ecological protection and achieve sustainable development

General Secretary of CPC Xi Jinping once said: lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets. At Wuyi, the ecological environment is protected like as our eyes, and meanwhile great efforts are made to jointly safeguard the lucid waters and lush untains, and achieve the sustainable development.

Firmly say "no" to the enterprises making pollutions. Resolutely eliminate the "low, small and scattered" enterprises with backward production capacity, successfully complete the remediation of high-pollution and high-energy-consumption industries, increase the access threshold for investment promotion, and uncompromisingly "do not sacrifice the environment in exchange for short-term development."

Firmly say "no" to environmental pollution. Over the past three years, our county has invested more than 3 billion yuan to promote the construction of water treatment projects. The good results have been achieved for urban sewage treatment plants, sewage pipe network, and the treatment of rural domestic sewage. In the 29 main and branch rivers, we have achieved the goal of "swimming anywhere at any time". For this reason, Wuyi has won the highest honorary title of 'Dayu Ding' in terms of water treatment in Zhejiang Province for twice.

Firmly say "no" to the waste of resources. We vigorously implement the classification and recycling utilization of household garbage, and the behavior of garbage classification has become a new social fashion.

Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets of Wuyi, which are also the advantages of regional competition. We will adhere to the beautiful ecology as a brand, and take the path of green transition, to make Wuyi the most beautiful place of hot springs and health preservation. Welcome to Wuyi, China for enjoying hot springs and tea products and starting a business!

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