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The Collection of Global Forum on Human Settlements Officially Published by China Environmental Publishing Group
Time:2022-03-31 Source: Views:60

After 15 years of accumulation and 3 years of painstaking effort in compiling, collation and editing, the large-scale academic literature – "The Collection of Global Forum on Human Settlements" (hereinafter referred to as "The Collection") was officially published by China Environmental Publishing Group, and is being distributed globally. The 3-million-word Collection is considered a corpus of research achievements and practices on sustainable cities and human settlements.

As an innovative program celebrating the 15th anniversary of the Global Forum on Human Settlements and contributing to the global commencement of the Decade of Action on the SDGs, The Collection was masterminded by Global Forum on Human Settlements (GFHS), and co-produced by Sustainable Cities Committee of China Research Society of Urban Development (CRSUD), Shenzhen Better City Institute, and Qingdao West Coast New Area Ronghe Holdings Group Co., Ltd. The Collection is divided into two volumes, written in Chinese and English, beautifully illustrated, and printed in four colors, with 1000+ fine images. This magnificent work aims to provide inspiration and strategic as well as technical guidance for urban policy makers and stakeholders, to promote knowledge innovation and capacity building in the field of sustainable cities and human settlements, and to sing the praises of the individuals, companies and cities that have been advancing green development and to drive the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Volume I is titled “Viewpoints” and contains 88 signed contributions by 83 authors representing 23 countries from all continents and Volume II has 82 cases representing 34 countries from all continents. Most of the cases were recognized by the “Sustainable Cities And Human Settlements Awards (SCAHSA)”. 10 Outcome Documents of Annual Session of Global Forum on Human Settlements are also included in Volume II.

The Collection is informative and insightful, with precise topics, novel ideas, profound thoughts and forward-looking and systemic strategies and methods. The selected cases are all outstanding sustainable development practices and innovations from all over the world and they are universal, innovative and replicable. Stylistics includes speeches, theses, interviews, case studies, feature articles, etc. Topics cover planning and design, smart green cities, buildings and communities, climate change, ecological environment, water security, sustainable tourism, green mobility, green economy, green technology, gender equality, sustainable consumption and production, and post-disaster reconstruction, among others.

The Collection recorded and reflected human being’s developments and transformation towards sustainability in the period of 2005-2020, which will help strengthen the knowledge and capacity building of relevant urban stakeholders and make significant contribution to the post-pandemic recovery, reconstruction and green transition of human society, and will play an important role in supporting cities in achieving carbon neutrality. The Collection stimulates more extensive and in-depth learning, reflection, creation and action for a better and greener future and is worth reading for policy makers, city managers, business leaders, relevant professionals, and lecturers and students at universities and colleges. In addition, the Collection will enrich the global academic treasure and become an important power of thoughts to boost sustainable urban development on the global scale.

As of press time, the editorial department at Global Forum on Human Settlements has constantly received warm congratulations and full affirmations for the publication of The Collection from a number of partners, UN officials, government officials, business leaders, and well-known experts and scholars.

To subscribe to the Collection, please click the following to access to some free articles and contact the editorial department to get the full set at a special rate. Kindly note that due to copyright issue, the electronic version is not available at the moment. The total price of a full set of the hardback is USD140 (EUR127). The delivery cost is on the buyer’s account.

1.The Collection of Global Forum on Human Settlements, Volume I: Viewpoints (Excerpt)

2. The Collection of Global Forum on Human Settlements, Volume II: Models (Excerpt)

For more information please don't hesitate to contact the Secretariat of Global Forum on Human Settlements: christine.he@gfhsforum.org; sabrina.he@gfhsforum.org