Nowadays, intermediate cities are reaching great prominence. This is because these cities are presented as more governable territories with better abilities of management. In addition these cities offer better quality of life for their population.

The local Government has taken the challenge of working to overcome poverty, to guarantee better conditions for the population, to improve their quality of life and provide access to economic and social development. One of the main goals of the Municipality is to become a proactive and effective partner to the private sector. This goal has the purpose of contributing and improving the territorial competitiveness, local employment, investments, productive-infrastructure, mobility, and access to the territory.

Cuenca has also been selected to be part of the Initiative of Emerging and Sustainable Cities (ICES) the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) which aims to promote strategies of well-planned, integrated and multisectoral urban development in order to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants and also to outline a more sustainable future for them.

This initiative is not unrelated to the planning process driven by the Municipality, on the contrary, it makes it possible to see the proposal established by the Urban Development Plan of Cuenca city, which is under construction and also it is inserted into the lines of the action plan Development and Land Management for Cuenca.

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