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French Dream Town in Hangzhou

French Dream Town in Hangzhou is a sustainable, innovative and carbon-nuetral flagship urban development between France and China, featuring ecological values and people centric design based on local culture,ground breaking deep tech innovation practices,futuristic AI experiences fusing two fascinating culture,sustainable high‐tech living with a collaborative mix of retail and technology.French Dream Town in Hangzhou is an innovative accelerator with participation and contribution of 25 French companies and organizations and around 100 French and Chinese entrepreneurs, talents and experts. As a deep tech hub and a lab of the future digital economy, the town is devoted to explore to create the lifestyle and urban experience of the next 20 to 30 years.French Dream Town, located in Yuhang district, Hangzhou City, developed by Optiva Darna and supported by Systematic, the digital pole of France Region, is a pioneering new urban & territory development model with improved accessibility, tighter-knit community, better public realm and zero energy. The total land coverage of the town is 22400 square meters with 29550 square meters buildings gross and 17600 square meters underground area. The town was started in 2019 and planned to be completed by 2023.

Area:22400 square meters
GDP Per Capita:20000 USD
Climate:Tropical monsoon climate
Pilot Start Time:October 29,2021

Context, Design, Integration in an IGMC Pilot: French Dream Town in Hangzhou (PPT)