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Wang Dehui

Expert, Expert committee

Former Deputy Director-General of the Nature and Ecology Conservation Department,
SEPA & Director of China Office for “Implementation of the Convention of Biological
Diversity”, Head of Experts Group of Environmental Engineering Assessment
Center, Ministry of Environmental Protection of the PRC.

He is the former Deputy Director of the Department of Nature and Ecology Conservation of the State Environmental Protection Administration and Director of the “Office of State Implementation of the‘Convention on Biological Diversity’” and Director of “State-Level Nature Reserves Assessment Office”.He is the former deputy director (leading roles of departments or equivalents) of the Department of Nature and Ecology Conservation of the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the People’s Republic of China as well as the current director of the Office of China’s Implementation of Convention on Biological Diversity, China Biological Security Office and the Office of the State Review Committee on Nature Reserves. In 1980, he worked as a senior engineer for science and research in China  Academy of Environmental Sciences while working in  the State Environmental Protection Administration of China in 1989. He has studied and worked in Japan and the United Kingdom. He also led delegations to participate in international negotiations on biodiversity conservation and biological security. He was a member of the Global Environmental Planning Committee, Global Expert Committee on Prevention and Control of Invasive Alien Species and the Chinese National Committee for the International Human Dimension Programme on Global Environmental Change as well as the vice chair of the Global Conference on Science and Technology appointed by the Convention on Biological Diversity two times in a row. For quite a long time, he worked in areas including atmospheric environmental science, mechanism of photo-chemical smog formation, environmental protection planning, construction and management of nature reserve, biodiversity conservation and biological security, prevention and control of invasive alien species, ecological compensation and environmental impact assessment for construction projects, during which he published a series of articles. After retirement, he served as an on-duty expert and expert group leader of the Appraisal Center for Environment and Engineering of the Ministry of Environmental Protection as well as the general counsel of the All China Environment Federation Committee of VOCs Emission Control. He attended the UN Conference on Sustainable Development and the Global Forum on Human Settlements held in the United States, Brazil, and Germany. In June 2017, he was invited to Sweden for exchanges on environmental protection technology.