Jianggongfang Real Estate
The updated urban life with rapid rhythm makes us more eager for mental peace. Many-storied buildings contributed of steel and reinforced concrete are not the harbors of our hearts. A living environment respecting natural world and humanity is thirsted for by people urgently. Based on such an original faith, on the land of 2.68 million square meters, Jiangyu Dream Town makes use of 61 percent of it to plan to construct the supporting facilities for leisure, tourism and holidays, so as to meet the longing of people for getting close to nature; and makes use of 39 percent of it to plan to construct high-quality human residence, providing with improved living facilities such as health centers, schools and businesses, to the greatest extent to satisfy people’s desire of humanistic and cultural living environment.

On the basis of respecting local customs, cultural history, Luoyue cultural characteristics of Zhuang Town and other internal cultural needs, and respecting the external objective materials such as the Karst Landform Primary Forest, the ecological system and the lakeside water system of the project site, Jiangyu Dream Town  defines the project as - the cultural tourism leisure livable complex with strong Zhuang customs, good ecological resources and rural agriculture as the main characteristics, taking the Luoyue cultural experience, wedding one-stop service, landscape experience tourism, vacation and health tourism, urban rural leisure tourism as the main functions, and giving attention to the whole life supporting humanistic living plate.