Liuyang Economic & Technological Development Zone

First, Basic Information about Liuyang Economic and Technological Development Zone

The state-level Liuyang Economic and Technological Development Zone (hereinafter referred to as "Economic Development Zone") was founded in 1997, which is 25 kilometers away from downtown Liuyang, 15 kilometers away from Changsha Huanghua International Airport and 33 kilometers away from Changsha High-speed Railway Station. In October 2006, it was approved by the National Development and Reform Commission as the first National Bio-industrial Base in Central and Western China while in March 2012, it got the approval from the State Council as a National Economic and Technological Development Zone. In 2016, the Economic Development Zone ranked the third in the comprehensive competitiveness within the Hunan province and the first in regional competitiveness, the proportion of high-tech output value and the degree of structural optimization, becoming the unique National Demonstration Base of New Industrialization in the field of electronic information within the province and part of the National Model Development Zone of Transformation and Upgrading in the Yangtze River Economic Zone.

Thanks to years of development, it has formed three major industrial clusters featuring biomedicine, electronic information and healthy food, making it among the development zones that boast the largest number of pharmaceutical enterprises and production lines all across China. 80% of the state first-class new drugs and the world's leading plant starch capsules as well as 50% of the glass panels for the world's high-end smart phones are developed and manufactured here. With the biological diagnostic reagents and gene sequencing ranking among the first in the world’s industrial division, it is also home to Hunan Experimental Animal Center, Assessment Center for Food and Drug Safety, Service Center for Electronic Information Industry and other high-end R&D platforms.

Sixteen square kilometers of land have been developed with a planned population of 150,000 in this zone. The year 2017 witnessed the scale of industrial output reaching 120 billion yuan and GDP 500 billion yuan, which has more than doubled compared with 2013 and has topped the list of overall merit among 134 industrial parks in Hunan province. The existing registered companies amount to more than 800 with key companies including Lens Technology Co., Ltd with an annual output worth of over ten billion yuan, five A-share listed companies such as Er-Kang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Yonker Environmental Protection Co.,Ltd, Yankershop Food Co., Ltd and Hunan Jiudian Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd as well as seven listed companies. There are six well-known trademarks in China such as “Fengri”, “Yankershop ”, “Resgreen”, “Good House”, “Liuyanghe Feedstuff” and “Yikang Biological”.

The development plan of Liuyang Economic and Technological Development Zone reveals that by 2020, the total development area of the park will reach 20 square kilometers, with a population of about 190,000. The total industrial output value is expected to exceed 200 billion yuan while the fiscal revenue will be over seven billion yuan. The management committee put forth the strategic goal of "three changes" and "keeping up with the state first-class parks and marching towards the top 20 development zones under the same level of competence across the whole country."

We will further speed up the development of urban construction for a state first-class modern development zone in the hope of appreciating mountains, rivers and a sense of nostalgia through the introduction and establishment of prestigious schools, institutions, buildings, parks, shops and premises. We spare no efforts to build a model city highlighting modern green science and technology industries guided by the principle of “innovation-driven, industry-city integration and enabling environment for work and living”, striving to build a Changsha East Center -- Jinyang New Town that takes Liuyang Economic and Technological Development Zone as the core so that the local industries can play a leading role in innovation-driven development. It even makes further contribution to establish a new type of Hunan province featuring prosperity and happiness as well as build Changsha into a national central city.

Second, Development of the International Green Model City Pilot Zone

In August 2017, Liuyang Economic and Technological Development Zone officially joined the initiative of the International Green Model City (IGMC), becoming the " Global Partner for Model City" and the first industrial park in China to be included in the pilot project of the International Green Model City. With the integration of IGMC standards, it starts with six perspectives including space planning and development, basic services, economy, environment, society and culture to fully enhance the quality and sustainable development of the park planning and construction. Through deepening the industry-city integration, improving public services and the living environment, coordinating urban and rural development as well as building an ecological civilization, it creates an enabling environment for work, business, living and tourism. Efforts have been made to fully enhance the vitality and competitiveness of the city for a model city that centers around green technology and culture, which features safety, sustainability, efficiency, fairness, individuality, prosperity and happiness, contributing to green development and new-type urbanization.

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